Jump For It
  1. 1. Jump For It
  2. 2. Move Your Feet
  3. 3. Limit
  4. 4. We Can Rock
  5. 5. Party To Pieces
  6. 6. Other Side
  7. 7. It Is What It Is
  8. 8. My Friends

Beyond The Beat

FrontCover.VersionCwithCopyComplete album with 2 bonus tracks (It Is What It Is & My Friends) – This is a hard copy only and the price includes shipping and handling. I personally sign each copy!

Jump For It

Move Your Feet


We Can Rock

Party To Pieces

Other Side

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Jump For It // Beyond The Beat
  1. Jump For It // Beyond The Beat
  2. Move Your Feet // Beyond The Beat
  3. Limit // Beyond The Beat
  4. We Can Rock // Beyond The Beat
  5. Party To Pieces // Beyond The Beat
  6. Other Side // Beyond The Beat
  7. It Is What It Is // Beyond The Beat
  8. My Friends // Beyond The Beat